NEW! The Trimless PrimDownlight, accent light, narrow spot light, wallwasher

Compatible with DMX and DALI controlsNEW! The trimless Prim

With anodized aluminium reflectorsNEW! The trimless Prim

Spring has arrived at our'Made in USA' factory

Install-from-below 3" Remodeler

For inaccessible, existing, and sheetrock ceilings

The newly expanded Presto Three and Prestina Three lines include downlight, adjustable angle, narrow spot, and wallwash remodelers.

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The efficient Spredlite LED evenly grazes light down both textured walls, such as wood and fabric, and highly polished walls, such as glass and marble, from up to 30' high. 

Narrow Spotlights

The track- and recessed-mounted Narrow Spotlights (NSP) deliver tight, powerful beamspreads. NSP luminares offer beamspreads as tight as 9°, or up to 60,000 center beam candlepower. 


Edison Price Lighting has designed and manufactured the highest-quality lighting solutions since 1952. Our comprehensive product line includes recessed downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers; track lighting systems; wall grazing systems; and optical accessories.   Edison Price Lighting is proudly 'Made in USA', operating a factory, office, and Gallery in New York City.