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Steam Room LEDs

Up to 46°C (115°F)

Our new Steamroom XTM/4 and Steamroom LED FTD/4  are the industry's first steam room tested architectural LEDs, for high ambient temperature, wet conditions.

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Revit Files Now Available

Most Edison Price Lighting recessed LEDs now include Revit files, helping you design quickly and efficiently.

3 Ways to a Quiet Ceiling

Further blend our unobtrusive luminaires into the ceiling, with one of three options: flangeless rings, glare-reducing trims, and custom colors. 


Edison Price Lighting has designed and manufactured the highest-quality lighting solutions since 1952. Our comprehensive product line includes recessed downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers; track lighting systems; wall grazing systems; and optical accessories.   Edison Price Lighting is proudly 'Made in USA', operating a factory, office, and gallery in New York City.