New! WAFERJust 2.5" tall

New! WAFERUp to 104 lm/w

Wirelessly Pan, Tilt, & more

The Most Graceful MiniMax 16E

Sleek, clean, gracefulNo driver box

Without a driver box or seams to distract the eye, our new 3.25" diameter MiniMax 16E accent light and wallwasher is our most graceful fixture yet. Whether installed into track or into the ceiling, MiniMax 16E disappears...

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Wireless dimming solutions

Wireless dimming can save your schedule, sanity, and budget. Use an app to dim, tune, focus, and otherwise control our most popular track and recessed luminaires.

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Affordable Made in USA

Our most affordable line, VALUE downlights and wallwashers, deliver EPL's optical precision and withstand value engineering.

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Edison Price Lighting has designed and manufactured the highest-quality lighting solutions since 1952. Our comprehensive product line includes recessed downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers; track lighting systems; wall grazing systems; and optical accessories.  Edison Price Lighting is proudly 'Made in USA', operating a factory, office, and gallery in New York City.