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Standard downlight Up to 40° Slope

LED FTD DL/5 SlopeNo drawing approvals required

Simple to specify, simple to install, this standard downlight is designed for ceilings sloped up to 40° . No adaptors, joints, or mismatched finishes distract from the comfortable 40° shielding angles.

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Quick Ship LED

The LED FTD DL 7DAY delivers 98 CRI, up to  2000 lumens, 1% dimming, and more.  Our Made in USA factory constructs and ships housings within 7 days.

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Up to 7000 lumens

Illuminate from up to 40 feet away with our comprehensive line of the Artima LED/5 accent light, narrow spot, and wallwash luminaires.

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Edison Price Lighting has designed and manufactured the highest-quality lighting solutions since 1952. Our comprehensive product line includes recessed downlights, accent lights, and wallwashers; track lighting systems; wall grazing systems; and optical accessories.  Edison Price Lighting is proudly 'Made in USA', operating a factory, office, and gallery in New York City.