Continuing Education

Edison Price Lighting offers two continuing education courses, available in-person or online. Learn the latest in lighting technologies with 'LED as IoT', and the fundamentals of lighting techniques with 'Art of Lighting.' Both courses offer one AIA HSW and NCQLP continuing education credits. 


The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) era has arrived, with intelligent luminaires that can talk, listen, and think. Such capabilities promises unprecedented control...and confusion.

Simplify IoT with our 'LED as IoT' course. After learning practical pros & cons, step-by-step guides, and real life applications, you'll feel confident to:

  • understand how data is exchanged and stored in traditional and IoT structures.
  • identify the ideal mesh network standard for IoT LEDs, based off specific project needs.
  • report energy usage and environmental conditions through IoT LEDs.
  • send push notifications through IoT LEDs, and develop content for specific applications.

'LED as IoT' awards one AIA HSW and 1 NCQLP creditContact us to schedule the course in person, or to access the online course.


Whether illuminating a museum, office, hotel, or more, your lighting design can become a work of art. The same techniques apply regardless of industry:  you can illuminate a sign like a painting, a podium like a sculpture, a wall like a mural.

Learn these artful lighting techniques with our 'Art of Lighting' course. Through general theory and real installations, the course empowers you to:

  • select appropriate lighting tools per the project requirements.
  • layer ambient lighting, accent lighting, and wallwashing.
  • identify common lighting ‘dos & don’ts’.
  • harmonize lighting and architecture, through the combination, reinforcement, and balancing strategies.
  • integrate daylighting, through light wells, skylights, louvers, and uplighting.

'Art of Lighting' awards one AIA HSW and NCQLP creditContact us to schedule the course in person, or to access the online course.