CEU Courses

Earn continuing education credits with Edison Price Lighting! We offer the following free continuing education courses in-person or online. 

AIA credits may be submitted for an NCQLP credit or engineering licensure credit.

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LED as IoT

The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) era has arrived, with intelligent luminaires that can talk, listen, and think. Such capabilities promises unprecedented control...and confusion. Our LED as IoT course offers practical pros & cons, step-by-step guides, and real life applications. 


Art of Lighting

Whether illuminating a museum, office, hotel, or more, your lighting design can become a work of art. The same artful techniques apply, regardless of industry. Our Art of Lighting course covers general lighting theory, common 'dos and don'ts', and real museum examples.


Balancing lighting needs

Lighting design, and the fixtures themselves, must balance diverse and often conflicting needs, Our Balancing Lighting Needs course offers an easy step-by-step process, which considers the fixture's features in relation to installation, aesthetic, maintenance, and price needs.


Dimming control innovations

Dimming Control Innovations addresses the important questions behind dimming control selection: Where to dim lighting? Why dim lighting? and How to dim lighting?. Not only do these questions reveal important factors to consider, but they point to an exciting wireless future.