Continuing Education Course


Master the Art of Lighting through the lighting of art. Edison Price Lighting's continuing education course illustrates lighting techniques through real museum and gallery installations. The approximately fifty-minute course earns one AIA LU credit and one NCQLP LEU credit


Regardless of the industry, your clients aspire to artful lighting.  Implementing the techniques learned in this course, you can elevate all projects to works of art: illuminate a sign as you would a painting, a podium as a sculpture, a wall like a mural.


The Art of Lighting offers you a breadth and depth of lighting expertise. The course empowers you to:

  • select appropriate lighting tools for the project requirements,
  • layer lighting by balancing ambient lighting, accent lighting, and wallwashing,
  • identify common lighting ‘dos & don’ts’
  • harmonize lighting and architecture, through the combination, reinforcement, and balancing strategies.
  • integrate daylighting, through light wells, skylights, louvers, and uplighting.


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