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Edison Price Lighting Gallery is currently exhibiting REFRACTION, a group multimedia exhibition featuring light-inspired artwork. REFRACTION recasts light from the backdrop to the lead actor. In its purest unfiltered form, light’s ubiquity makes it a force beyond our scope. Instead, we understand light through refracted forms—through color, vibrancy, ambiance, tone, and movement. Light's refracted forms are everywhere, in the everyday and the sublime, the natural and the human-made, the literal and the abstract.

REFRACTON features artists who work in, or are inspired by, light: Adrienne Moumin, Alex Rossini, Carlos Inclan, Christine Sciulli, David Chan, Francis Milloy, Garrett Carroll, Gene Lambert, Greg Day, Jason A. Cina, Jason Krugman, John Folchi John Procario, Kenny Greenberg, Leni Morante, Nargiza Usmanova, Peter Bynum, and Stephen Bickford.


Gallery Guide


The following video is of 'Prismatic', by Kenny Greenberg, and was recorded during the opening reception of Refraction.



Gallery details

The Edison Price Lighting Gallery celebrates art that is local or light-based. Located in the Long Island City arts and manufacturing community, the Gallery is surrounded by urban artists who craft from raw materials. It is sited above Edison Price Lighting's metal-working factory, where sixty people too craft raw materials with their hands and machines. The two final works -- art and luminaires -- intersect in the Gallery. 

The Gallery joins over 450 art institutions illuminated by Edison Price Lighting. The only difference is here, we encourage you to look up, and reconsider the lighting. Though it has been designed to blend into the architecture, consider the luminaire's interaction with the art. And even consider the luminaire as the culmination of decades of design, and as art itself. 

The Gallery is dedicated to our founder, Edison Price (1918 - 1997), whose innovations – including recessed fixtures with spun aluminum reflectors, continuous lighting track, and wall grazing systems – illuminated many of the most beautiful spaces built in his time. This Gallery is an homage to a man who showed that product design and manufacture can, and should, be pursued as an art.


Slices of Bubbles, by Carlos Inclán

Reflection, refraction, caustic curves: Watch light dynamically interact with dichroic film as it cross-fades from Darklite AR111 fixtures installed in the Gallery. 


Past Exhibitions

'Chapter 2' exhibited works by alumni of the Queens Council for the Arts' High School to Arts School program, showcasing the talent emerging from young neighboring artists. 'Light Inspired' exhibited works by lighting designers, who are dedicated to the interpretation and inspiration of light. 


'Made in LIC, NYC: a collection of Light & Art' illustrated the diversity of artwork created within a few block's radius of Edison Price Lighting. See its Gallery Guide.



The Edison Price Lighting Gallery is available for the greater lighting design community. Contact us for event arrangements.

The Gallery is regularly used as a meeting space. It's convenient location (accessible by 7 subway lines), privacy, and art-filled design make it an ideal space to host meetings. Contact us with your preferred date.

The Gallery is regularly used for mock-ups. The Gallery includes track systems to test track lighting and an exposed ceiling layout to test recessed lighting. Contact us with your mock up needs.



Visitors are welcome by appointment. Contact us for arrangements.