Light In Action

From lighting techniques to construction to IoT integration, master it all during LIGHT IN ACTION, a fast-paced, one-day lighting education. Earn the following continuing education credits:

  • 4 AIA HSW continuing education credits
  • 1 AIA LU continuing education credits


Light in Action is an action-packed day of discovery, just check out the photos below. Take a break from the office desk and...

  • experience a rare urban Made in USA factory: watch our employees hand-spin reflectors, hand-paint housings, and operate CNC punch presses, laser cutter, milling machines, and more. Our master tool-maker explains the lost art of die building.

  • tour the Edison Price Lighting Gallery: learn art lighting techniques demonstrated in our gallery, which can be applied everywhere regardless of industry.

  • simplify dimming innovations: learn tailoring dimming approaches, control compatibilities, wireless solutions, and more, presented by eldoLED.

  • reimagine LEDs as the IoT hub: learn how lighting fixture will become the center of the Internet of Things.

  • assessing LED performance, with a focus on correlated color temperature (CCT) and lighting  mixing strategies, presented by Lutron.

  • master how to balance lighting needs: learn how to identify and prioritize common lighting installation, aesthetic, and maintenance requirements.

  • clarify color metrics, including TM-79.

  • analyze drawings, samples, and other details from our most complicated projects. 

  • ...and much more!


LIGHT IN ACTION is an opportunity to visit New York City.

  • Arrive on Thursday, and enjoy dinner in our world-class city.
  • Spend the day on Friday in our gallery and urban factory.
  • Consider extending your stay in the Big Apple over the weekend.

If you are already based in NYC, join us for the program on Friday. We're just a short subway ride away!


2018 Dates

Light in Action is offered on the following Fridays (out of town visitors should check in the Thursday before):

  • February 9 (check in 2/8)

  • April 20 (check in 4/19) 

  • June 8 (check in 6/7)

  • August 3 (check in 8/2)

  • October 19 (check in 10/18)



To sign up, contact us, and we'll make arrangements with your local Edison Price Lighting representative.



Watching Bluetooth-enabled luminaires wirelessly dim. 


Peering into the integrating sphere. 


Seeing (and hearing) the CNC punch press stamp shapes from heavy-gauge aluminium.


Discovering the art of die and chuck design with our master toolmaker. 


Examining the difference in CRIs in our gallery. 


Watching a strength test on our track system. 


Observing a heat test, after analyzing 3D printed prototypes.  


Seeing the progressive dies, designed by Bernie, working their magic. 


Learning dimming control innovations from eldoLED.


Watching the CNC laser cutting machine cut through stainless steel.


Earning continuing education credits.

Examining how narrow spot lighting interacts with art.