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  • Surface-mounted Solutions

    Surface-mounted Solutions

    Your lighting design often needs  surface-mounted luminaires,  when common challenges make track and recessed unsuitable. Consider  surface-mounting  when... plenums are too shallow  for recessed fixtures. budgets are too limited  for...

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  • App-controlled Color Tuning

    App-controlled Color Tuning

    Our new track  and outlet-box-mounted   MidiMax CTM Bluetooths  have a few tricks up their very dapper sleeves. On the inside,  MidiMax CTM Bluetooth  accent lights and wallwashers are powered by the Bluetooth-enabled Lumenetix araya LED module....

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  • Lenses, Smoothers & Filters deliver Perfection

    Lenses, Smoothers & Filters deliver Perfection

    Your optical accessory toolkit is concise -- consisting of only the spread lens, beam smoother, screen, and color filter -- and it is essential. These tools, and combinations thereof, deliver lighting perfection . Your optical accessory toolkit  overcomes commong lighting...

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