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  • Wide Distribution Stacklite

    Wide Distribution Stacklite

    Track and surface-mounted  Stacklite CZRs  allow visitors to walk into a room and see only the artwork, without distracting scallops or bright spots. Learn why these wallwashers have been a favorite of museums and galleries for over 40 years.   Family The below...

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  • Designing with Advanced Luminaires (1 AIA HSW)

    Designing with Advanced Luminaires (1 AIA HSW)

    Advanced luminaires are measured far beyond lumens and CRI, and deliver far more than light alone. TM-30, tunable colors, WELL, UGR, circadian rhythms, EML, beacons, and LightID notifications will play an increasingly crucial role in your designs. The first step is understanding how to...

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  • RSVP for Breakfast before LEDucation

    RSVP for Breakfast before LEDucation

    You’re invited to Edison Price Lighting’s complimentary breakfast buffet.   Savor your morning before a busy day during  LEDucation ®, the country's largest LED-only trade show and educational forum, hosted by the Designers Lighting Forum of NY (DLFNY )....

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  • Breakfast at LEDucation®

    Breakfast at LEDucation®

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    Light in Action 2019

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    Dinner during LightFair®

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    Track Fixtures and Systems

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    WELL Building Standard™

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