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  • Affordable Color Tuning and High CRI

    Affordable Color Tuning and High CRI

    Wireless color tuning and high CRI power is now within easy reach. With our comprehensive line-up of  38E track, recessed, and surface-mounted fixtures , you'll only need to screw in the retrofit PAR 38 LED lamp. In addition to  our world-renowned ...

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  • Dimmable on 277v Track

    Dimmable on 277v Track

    A 277 volt-only design simplifies the project from beginning to end. One voltage means less wiring and less worry from design to installation. Keep the project stress-free with our 277-volt track and dimmable luminaires. First, consider our surface mounted, pendant...

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  • Streamlined profiles

    Streamlined profiles

    All-around streamlined design is especially important for track and surface-mounted luminaires. Once installed, they are often viewed from every angle. As a result, each curve, line, and joint must be considered beforehand, from all directions. See the profiles  of our luminaires,...

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