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  • 26 Fixtures, powered by retrofit LEDs

    26 Fixtures, powered by retrofit LEDs

    Our most popular MR16 and AR111 recessed and track fixtures can now be powered by retrofit LED lamps.  You can trust the efficiency and smooth dimming of retrofit LED lamps from Soraa, Philips, and Cree. Their lamps rival -- and in some cases, outperform -- integral LEDs....

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  • UpLine LED Upgrade

    UpLine LED Upgrade

    Our  UpLine track system  illuminates every corner -- now from  even higher ceilings !   The dual-function UpLine combines: 1. Seamless track system one or two 120-volt 20-amp circuits for accent, narrow spot, and wallwash  track...

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  • Increase shielding for comfortable ceilings

    Increase shielding for comfortable ceilings

    Residences, spas, hotels, and other spaces promoting relaxation aspire to  truly undisturbed ceilings . Here's how to provide such peace: Select our  recessed luminaires , featuring the most controlled shielding angles in the industry thanks to  precise anodized...

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