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  • Track Fixtures and Systems

    Track Fixtures and Systems

    Learn the features and benefits of our track, in just two pages. Click the brochure below. This concise brochure summarizes our Comprehensive  luminaire families, offering consistent performance and appearance across functions and housing sizes. Most impressive...

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  • Five HI CZS SM

    Five HI CZS SM

    Surface mounted  Five Hi CZS SM and pendant mounted  Five Hi CZS PM  illuminate powerfully and efficiently, from sleek, durable housings.  3900 lumens  maximum from Citizen chip-on-board LED 97 CRI (3000 lm max), 90 CRI (3400 lm max), and 80 CRI (3900 lm...

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  • Spredlite Wallgrazer

    Spredlite Wallgrazer

    Spredlite is the first, and still the finest.  Spredlite was first designed for Mies van der Rohe's acclaimed Seagram building in New York City. Travertine walls, which appear to float in light, stand at the core of the lobby. Its glow is visible through the lobby's outer glass...

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  • Track Fixtures and Systems

    Track Fixtures and Systems

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