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  • The Most Graceful MiniMax

    The Most Graceful MiniMax

    Sleek, clean, graceful.  Nothing less will do for galleries, residences, boutiques, and other polished spaces with 10' ceilings. No clunky driver box, exposed heat sink, or large housing should distract from the interior's beauty. Match that sleek, clean, and graceful beauty...

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  • For NYC: 4 AIA credits!

    For NYC: 4 AIA credits!

    Four continuing education credits is just a short subway ride away! Spend the afternoon learning lighting techniques, IoT technologies, dimming and more during Edison Price Lighting's  free  Light in Action Express workshop,  designed specially for busy NYC architects....

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  • Smart Dimming Saves Money, Time, Stress

    Smart Dimming Saves Money, Time, Stress

    Save your energy budget, schedule, and sanity with out luminaires programmed to dim wirelessly:   MiniMax Bluetooth ,  Artima/3 Bluetooth ,  MidiMax CTM Bluetooth ,  SALIOT , and  Zigbee-compatible LED FTDs . 1. Our  wireless dimmable luminaires  ...

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