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Artima LED/5 O-OBM

Functionsurface + pendant mounted accent light


Apertureround 5"

Depth12 3/4"″

Net Weight6 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Source Output

2200lm,  2500lm,  3000lm,  3300lm,  3700lm,  4500lm,  5300lm,  5600lm,  7000lm


20,  28,  29,  30,  43,  52


80+ CRI,  97 CRI


2700K,  3000K,  3500K,  4000K,  5000K


0-10V (1%),  0-10V (10%),  Lutron A 3-wire/Eco (1%)

Product Remarks

Artima LED/5 O-OBM is a surface mounted accent light powered by one of a number of Citizen chip-on-board LED module.

A matte black cross-baffle assembly controls surface brightness and reduces spill light. Beam spread is changed by removing the cross-baffle assembly, replacing one ‘twist and lock’ reflector with another, and re-inserting the cross-baffle assembly. 
Luminaire provides 385° horizontal rotation and vertical adjustment from 0° to 90°. 

Selected for the IES Progress Report. Featured in the Architectural Lighting's Products Issue.


Application Notes

Luminaire is suitable for 120-volt or 277-volt electrical service and is CSA listed for Damp Location mounting on a standard 4” octagonal outlet box (by others). 


A5czlOX5615.ies; 5600 lumen LED with 15° reflector
A5czlOX5621.ies; 5600 lumen LED with 21° reflector
A5czlOX5638.ies; 5600 lumen LED with38° reflector

Additional Options

  • Artima LED/5 O-OBM luminaires accept one or two of a number of Optical Accessories, including spread lenses, color filters and light reduction screens. A complimentary Beam Smoother is included