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Stacklite MH T4-OBM

Functionsurface + pendant mounted wallwasher


Depth6 7/16"″

Net Weight6 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Product Remarks

Stacklite MH T4-OBM  is a compact, highly efficient surface mounted wallwasher that provides uniform illumination on vertical surfaces. Stacklite MH T4 includes a semi-specular aluminum parabolic reflector that achieves a wide distribution. The fixture is designed for use with 20-watt, 39-watt or 70-watt T4.5 (G8.5 base) metal halide lamps. Brightness is controlled by interior specular black side-baffles.

The reflector pivots vertically – from 20° above to 35° below the normal wallwash position – within the fixture housing. The pivot point is permanently tensioned, allowing the reflector to remain fixed at any aiming angle. A positioning spring enables the reflector to be returned to the normal wallwash position easily. A concealed swivel provides 360° horizontal rotation of the entire fixture.

Application Notes

Fixture is suitable for 120-volt or 277-volt electrical service and listed for mounting on a standard 4” octagonal outlet box (by others).



StkT4MH.IES; CDM Elite 35W/T4/930

Additional Options

  • UV lens – Solite prismatic lens (3 7 /32” x 4 5 /16”) coated with Optivex® UV filtration film
  • matte black housing finish
  • Industrial Silver housing finish
  • custom color paint housing finish identify color in specification