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Functionrecessed - remodeler accent light

standard LED

Apertureround 5"

Depth7 3/4″

Footprint6” diameter plus 12” from center on one side

Net Weight5 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Highest Source Output



80 CRI,  98 CRI


2700K,  3000K,  3500K,  4000K

Product Remarks

  • Presto FIVE HI AA is a 5” aperture, remodeler accent light.
  • Powered by one of a number of Xicato® 19mm XTM LED modules, all of which are distinguished by extraordinary color consistency (within 1x 2-step MacAdam ellipse).
  • Luminaire provides 0°-35° angular adjustment (tilt) and 50° rotation.
  •  Luminaire includes an internal reflector to produce a 20° spot, 40° flood or 60° wide flood beam spread.
  • To allow beam spread to be changed after installation, internal reflectors are also available as accessories.

  • Learn more about the FIVE's features and benefits.

  • Learn more about the remodeler's features and benefits.



Application Notes

  • Designed for installation from below in an existing ceiling. Trim flange conceals edges of ceiling installation hole. 
  • Luminaire is CSA listed for Damp Location, RoHA compliant, prewired with a thermal protector and suitable for use in a fire rated ceiling.


FHxtm5AA30S20.ies; 3000 lumens; 20° reflector aimed 15° above nadir
FHxtm5AA30S40.ies; 3000 lumens; 40° reflector aimed 15° above nadir
FHxtm5AA30S60.ies; 3000 lumens; 60° reflector aimed 15° above nadir

Additional Options

  • An optional integral holder permits the use of one or two of a number of Optical Accessories including lenses and color filters. A complimentary Beam Smoother is included.
  • Extra reflectors available: 20° spot, 40° flood, 60° wide flood
  • See external reflector color swatches; consult spec sheet for availability. 



Contact factory with quantity for pricing; orders may require shop drawing approval.

  • +DOD: luminaire suitable for high humidity environments; add +DOD to Product Code.
  • +MAR: reflector suitable for marine environments; add +MAR to Product Code.



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