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Functionsurface + pendant mounted downlight

SourceCompact Fluorescent


Depth2 13/32"″

Footprint11" round

Net Weight6 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Days

Product Remarks

Lenslux SM is a 2 13/32” deep, surface mounted, lensed downlight designed for use with two 13-watt compact fluorescent lamps. The optical assembly consists of a specular aluminum reflector and a 100% acrylic, prismatic lens. The pattern 32 lens minimizes aperture brightness. 

Application Notes

Fixture is recommended for downlighting in offices, lobbies, corridors, restrooms and public areas. The optional Corolux lens is especially recommended for corridor applications, illuminating two opposing walls while minimizing brightness along the sight line of the corridor. Fixture is particularly appropriate for renovation and energy conservation projects. Its simple lines and low profile lend themselves to any decor.


Llsm.ies; prismatic lens
Llsmcor.ies; double-wallwasher lens

Additional Options

  • Remote emergency battery pack including 1) battery to be mounted on top of ceiling adjacent to fixture and 2) plate with test switch and light to be mounted to ceiling adjacent to fixture
  • Diffuse white acrylic: Frost Glaze®
  • Corolux lens: double wallwashing lens for corridors
  • Custom color matte paint housing finish (identify color in specification) .