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Super Lenslux 226/8

Functionrecessed downlight


Apertureround 8"

Depth4 3/4"″

Footprint11 3/4" x 14 7/8"

Net Weight10 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Days

Product Remarks

Super Lenslux 226/8 is an 8” aperture downlight designed for use with two 26-watt, 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps and a regressed prismatic lens. The 100% acrylic, pattern 32 lens minimizes aperture brightness. Recess depth is only 4 ¾”.


Application Notes

Fixture is UL listed for Damp Location. Fixture is suitable for use in a fire rated ceiling. Fixture is prewired with a high power factor Class P electronic ballast (minimum starting temperature –20°F), and approved for eight #12 wire 75°C branch lighting circuit pull-through wiring.

The optional Corolux lens is recommended for corridor applications, illuminating opposing walls while minimizing brightness down the sightline of the corridor.


Sll8.ies; prismatic lens
Sll8cor.ies; double-wallwasher lens

Additional Options

  • Impact-resistant prismatic lens: Acri-Tuf pattern 12
  • Diffuse white acrylic: Frost Glaze
  • Impact-resistant diffuse white acrylic: Acri-Tuf.
  • Corolux lens: double wallwashing lens for corridors
  • Impact-resistant Corolux lens: Perspex CP-927
  • Dimmable 3-wire ballast. Not for outdoor application
  • Emergency battery pack operates lamp in event of power outage. Fixture footprint increases to 10 x 17 ¾” (254 x 451mm). An additional 3 ½” (89mm) is required to remove EM pack through aperture. No through wiring. Not for outdoor application 



Contact factory with quantity for pricing; orders may require shop drawing approval.

  • CHP-: fixture suitable for Chicago Plenum; add CHP- as prefix to Product Code.
  • CONC-: fixture suitable for poured-in-place concrete; add CONC- as prefix to Product Code.
  • EXP-:`European-style´ install-from-below fixture; add EXP- as prefix to Product Code.
  • +2”CLG: fixture suitable for installation in 2” thick ceiling material; add +2”CLG to Product Code.
  • +DOD-: fixture suitable for high humidity environments.
  • +MAR-: reflector suitable for marine environments.