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Minima 30

Functiontrack mounted accent light




Net Weight1 lbs

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Product Remarks

  • Minima 30 is an accent light designed for use with PAR-30 (short neck) spot or flood lamps (75-watt maximum).
  • Provides 385° horizontal rotation and 0° to 90° vertical adjustment, and permanently tensioned swivels allow it to maintain any aiming angle. 
  • Minima 30 fixtures may be used alone or with any one of four snap-on optical assemblies available as accessories: lensholder, cross-baffle, wallwasher or barn doors.

Application Notes

Fixtures are UL listed for mounting on Edison Price Lighting 120-volt track only.


MIN30LHF.IES; PAR30FL with lensholder and 55° lens
MIN30XBS.IES; PAR30 NSP with crossbaffle & lens
Min30ww.IES; PAR30 40FL with wallwasher (incl. lens)

Additional Options

  • All four assemblies accept one or two of a number of Optical Accessories, and all are keyed to retain the orientation of the lens during relamping.
  • 60-amp adapter required for fixtures to be used on DoubleLine-50, AutoTrak-50 UpLine-50 or AutoBus-120 track systems (fixture’s appearance remains the same)
  • rocker type on/off switch in track adapter, 3¾” long adapter lengthened to 7½” to accommodate switch)
  • equipped for outlet box mounting with a 4 1 /2” (114mm) dia matte white box cover; mounts directly to a standard 4” (102mm) octagonal outlet box.



  • Hard Wired: fixture modified for wiring to a dedicated circuit (usually for emergency lighting); available for use with SightLine S, SightLine P, SightLine AC or SightLine R 'Hard Wired Feed' component; add +HW to Product Code.