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Artima MR16 O

Functiontrack mounted accent light

SourceLow Voltage


Net Weight3 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Product Remarks

  • Artima MR16 O is an accent light designed for use with 12-volt MR-16 lamps (up to 50-watt).
  • The optical assembly for Artima MR16 O consists of a Solite prismatic lens and a conical specular black reflector which reduces lamp brightness.
  • This assembly, and its setting, is entirely undisturbed by relamping. 
  • Artima MR16 O fixtures provide 385° horizontal rotation and vertical adjustment from 0° to 90°.


Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Application Notes

With a standard adapter, fixture may be powered by one of eighteen 20-amp 120-volt track systems. With an optional track adapter fixture may be powered by one of sixteen 50 or 60-amp 120-volt track systems. Fixture includes an integral electronic transformer. 


Mwmr16f.ies; 40° FL; 50 watt; aimed at 0°
Mwmr16s.ies; 10° NSP; 50 watt; aimed at 0°

Additional Options

  • Accept one or two of a number of Optical Accessories including spread lenses, a beam smoother, a UV filter, color filters and light reduction screens. 
  • 60-amp adapter required for fixtures to be used on DoubleLine-50, AutoTrak-50 UpLine-50 or AutoBus-120 track systems (fixture’s appearance remains the same)
  • rocker type on/off switch in side of transformer case accommodate switch 211/16" long transformer case lengthens to 311/16" long, and 3/8" long upper stem lengthens to 3/4"; white switch for white fixture, black for Silver or black fixture, specify which for custom color fixture
  • equipped for outlet box mounting with a 4 1 /2” (114mm) dia matte white box cover; mounts directly to a standard 4” (102mm) octagonal outlet box
  • matte black housing finish, includes black socket lead
  • Industrial Silver housing finish, includes black socket lead
  • custom color paint housing finish specify white or black socket lead and identify color in specification


Contact factory with quantity for pricing; shop drawing approval required. 

  • Hard Wired: fixture modified for wiring to a dedicated circuit (usually for emergency lighting);  available for use with SightLine S, SightLine P, SightLine AC or SightLine R 'Hard Wired Feed' component;  add +HW to Product Code.


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