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Minima 38-OBM

Functionsurface + pendant mounted accent light

SourceIncandescent,  LED
tunable LED,  retrofit LED


Depth7 9/16″

Net Weight1 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Days

Highest Source Output



90+ CRI




Wireless (0.1%)


Fast Shipping


iOS app,  Android app

Product Remarks

  • Minima 38–OBM is an accent light designed for use with nearly all PAR-38 spot or flood lamps (250-watt maximum).
  • LED OPTION: lamp with Ketra S38 retrofit LED lamp, wirelessly controllable by an app, offering:

    • Color tuning, with range of 90+ CRI white, pastels and saturated colors

    • Wireless dimming to 0.1%

    • Beams down to 10°

    • and more. Please note that range is variable based on site conditions.

  • The fixture provides 385° horizontal rotation and 0° to 90° vertical adjustment, and permanently tensioned swivels allow it to maintain any aiming angle.
  • May be used alone or with any one of four snap-on optical assemblies available as accessories: lensholder, cross-baffle, wallwasher or barn doors. 
  • Learn more about retrofit LED's features and benefits.

Application Notes

  • Minima 38–OBM is designed for mounting on a 4” octagonal outlet box (by others).
  • Fixture is compatible with recommended retrofit LED lamps at the time of testing (2018). For complete compatibility information, contact factory.


Min38lhf.ies; HIR FL with lensholder and 55° lens
Min38xbs.ies; HIR NSP with cross baffle
Min38ww.ies; HIR FL with wallwasher

Additional Options

  • Minima 38 fixtures may be used alone or with any one of four snap-on optical assemblies available.  All four assemblies accept one or two Optical Accessories, and are keyed to retain the orientation.

    • lensholder, 

    • cross-baffle, 

    • wallwasher or

    • barn doors. 

  • matte black housing finish black socket lead
  • Industrial Silver housing finish
  • custom color paint housing finish specify white or black socket lead and identify color in specification .