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Prestina Three MR WL

Functionrecessed remodeler wallwasher

SourceLow Voltage

Apertureround 3"

Depth6 7/8″

Footprint13 3/4" x 13" fom center to one side

Net Weight3 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks


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Product Remarks

  • Prestina Three MR WL is a 3” aperture MR-16 remodeler wallwasher designed for installation from below in a sheet rock ceiling to achieve a flush reflector trim detail. 

  • Fixture is designed for use with 12-volt MR-16 lamps (up to 50-watt). 

  • The optical assembly consists of two internal reflectors, a 40° x 70° spread lens and an external reflector.

  • Precise reflector design provides uniform illumination on vertical surfaces up to the ceiling line and minimizes aperture brightness.

Application Notes


ThrMRwlFL.ies; 50 MR16 FL 40
ThrMRwlWF.ies; 50 MR16 WFL 60

Additional Options

  • Integral transformer suitable for 277 volt operation



Contact factory with quantity for pricing; orders may require shop drawing approval.

  • +DOD: fixture suitable for high humidity environments; add +DOD to Product Code.
  • +MAR: reflector suitable for marine environments; add +MAR to Product Code.