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Presto TRPV 26/6 DS

Functionrecessed remodeler combo downlight/wallwasher, downlight, wallwasher


Apertureround 6"


Footprint8.5" from center on one side

Net Weight5 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Days

Product Remarks

Presto TRPV 26/6DS is an efficient 6” aperture low brightness remodeler downlight designed for use with one 26-watt triple-tube compact fluorescent lamp of the 4-pin types made by GE, Philips or Sylvania. Fixture provides a shielding angle of 45°. 



Application Notes

Fixture is recommended for downlighting or wallwashing in stores, offices, reception areas, lobbies and residences where fixtures are to be installed from below into existing ceilings. 


One housing allows interchangeable use of downlight and wallwash reflectors, permitting housings to be installed first and reflectors to be installed or changed at any time


trpv626d.ies; downlight
trpv626wd.ies; downlight/wallwasher

Additional Options

  • Dimmable 3-wire ballast; not for outdoor application
  • 1 /8” (3mm) thick clear acrylic shield, spring-mounted within reflector; available with downlight or wallwash reflector only. 



Contact factory with quantity for pricing; orders may require shop drawing approval.

  • +2”CLG: fixture suitable for installation in 2” thick ceiling material; add +2”CLG to Product Code.
  • +DOD: fixture suitable for high humidity environments; add +DOD to Product Code.
  • +MAR: reflector suitable for marine environments; add +MAR to Product Code.