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Darklite A19E/6

Functionrecessed downlight, combo downlight/wallwasher, wallwasher

SourceLED,  Incandescent
retrofit LED

ManufacturerFor retrofit A19 LED lamp

Apertureround 6"

Depth9 1/16″

Footprint10" x 14"

Net Weight5 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Days

Highest Source Output



85 CRI


2700K,  5000K


Fast Shipping

Product Remarks

  • Darklite A19E/6 is an extremely affordable 6” aperture downlight.

  • Fixture has been checked for fit and initial operation with A19 LED retrofit lamps manufactured by:
  • The fixture provides a shielding angle of 40°. Precise reflector design minimizes aperture brightness.

  • One basic housing allows interchangeable use of the downlight and wallwash reflectors. This permits housings to be installed first and reflectors installed or changed at any time.



Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Application Notes

  • Fixture is UL listed for Damp Location. Fixture is prewired with thermal protector, approved for ten #12 wire 75°C branch circuit pull-through wiring and suitable for use in a fire rated ceiling.
  • Removal of the reflector allows access to the junction box.
  • Fixture is compatible with recommended retrofit LED lamps at the time of testing (2018). For complete compatibility information, contact factory.
  • Retrofit LED lamps are easier to service and upgrade if desired after installation. Learn more about our retrofit LED lamp options.


DLA196.IES; downlight
DLA196WW.IES; downlight/wallwasher

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