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Darklite 38/7 Slope

Functionrecessed downlight


Apertureround 7"


Footprintdepth and footprint vary with slope

Net Weight8 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Product Remarks

  • Darklite 38/7 Slope is an efficient 7” aperture low brightness downlight for use in sloped ceilings.  
  • Darklite 38/5 Slope provides a shielding angle of 40° from upslope points of view and greater than 40° from downslope. 


Application Notes

Fixture is made in eight different configurations conforming to ceiling slopes of 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°, 35° and 40°. 


dl387fl.ies; PAR 38/HIT/FL
dl387sp.ies; PAR 38/HIR/SP

Additional Options

  • 277/120 volt step-down transformer, 300 watt maximum
  • See external reflector color swatches; consult spec sheet for availability.