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Spredlite MR16 MH DL/9

Mountingcove mounted wall grazer



Depth9 1/2″

Net Weight6 lbs per linear foot

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Product Remarks

Spredlite MR16 MH DL/9 is a baffled fixture designed to provide uniform grazing illumination on vertical surfaces between 9’ and 15’ high utilizing metal halide 20-watt or 39-watt MR-16 spot lamps.


Fixture provides excellent illumination of both specular wall surfaces (with no distracting reflections), and of textured wall surfaces (highlighting the desired textures). Learn more about the Spredlite's wallgrazing capabalities


Application Notes

Lamp sockets and integral spread lenses, as well as interposed baffles, are mounted at 9“ (229mm) centers. Modular segments are installed end-to-end as needed to form a continuous run. 

UL listed for ‘cove mounting.’ Cove mounting, even if the cove is ventilated, creates higher fixture operating temperatures than simple surface mounting.


Additional Options

  • Accepts, at each socket position, one of four optional Optical Accessories, in addition to the integral spread lens.