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Trim Flush plaster ring


FootprintAvailable for 3" - 7" apertures

Product Remarks

The Trim Flush (TF) plaster ring provides a firm, seamless, flush joint between reflector and ceiling. The TF ring is framed by generous squares of aluminum “spackle screen” to provide the best base for skim coat and to hide mis-cut holes. The TF ring is spring-loaded, and can be pushed onto the plaster ring that protrudes from the base of our fixture housings. The TF ring is easy to install, and requires no screw driver adjustment.  


For availability as an option, consult the product's spec sheet, under the "Options" or "Accessories" box.


Application Notes

Trim Flush is designed solely for use in sheetrock ceilings, where the sheetrock is 1” or less thick, and where compound will be applied, if not to the entire ceiling, then at least to areas surrounding lighting fixture apertures.