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APlus SM and PM

Functionsurface & pendant combo downlight/wallwasher, downlight, wallwasher

standard LED

ManufacturerCree diffuse dome

Footprint5 3/4" x 8 1/4"

Net Weight4 lbs


  • Combination downlight/wallwasher.

  • 5” aperture.

  • Powered by Cree WhiteLight or Sunset 90+CRI LED module.

  • Allows interchangeable use of the downlight and wallwash (120˚) reflectors, which can be changed on-site anytime.
  • Provides a shielding angle of 40°.
  • Precise reflector design minimizes aperture brightness. 
  • Learn more about the luminaire's features and benefits.


Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.


Spec Sheets

  • Surface-mounted.
  • Designed for installation in all types of inaccessible ceilings. Trim flange conceals edges of ceiling installation hole. 
Specification Sheet
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Application Notes

  • Fixture is suitable for 120-volt or 277-volt service and is listed for Damp Location and mounting on a 3½” or 4” octagonal outlet box (supplied by others).




APclw5DL2000.ies; 2000 lumen downlight
APclw5WW2000.ies; 2000 lumen downlight/wallwasher
APcls5DL2000.ies; downlight
APcls5WW2000.ies; downlight/wallwasher

Additional Options

  • Wall bracket mounting available.





Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details 

  • Extended stem lengths available.

  • Custom color matching available. 



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