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Prestina APlus Sunset/5

Functionrecessed - remodeler combo downlight/wallwasher, downlight, wallwasher

dim-to-warm LED

ManufacturerCree Sunset

Apertureround 5"


Footprint7 3/4" x 13" from center on one side

Net Weight5 lbs

AvailabilityShips In Weeks

Highest Source Output



90 CRI



Product Remarks

  • Prestina APlus Sunset/5 is an efficient 5” aperture LED combination downlight/wallwasher designed for installation from below in an existing sheetrock ceiling.

  • Powered by Cree Sunset 2700K 90+CRI LED light engines. Sunset modules dim smoothly from 2700 K to 1800 K, providing a dimming experience similar to incandescent lighting.

  • Interchangeable reflectors allow luminaire to be configured for one of four distributions:

    • downlighting

    • downlighting and 120° wallwashing

    • downlighting and 210° corner wallwashing

    • downlighting and double 120° wallwashing.

  • Provides a shielding angle of 40°. Precise reflector design minimizes aperture brightness.

  • Learn more about the luminaire's features and benefits.

Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Application Notes

  • For installation from below in an existing sheet rock ceiling only.  Installation includes the application of drywall compound over the integral Trim Flush spackle screen to the rim.
  • Fixture is suitable for 120-volt or 277-volt service, CSA listed for Damp Location, RoHA compliant, prewired with a thermal protector .


APcls5DL2000.ies; downlight
APcls5WW2000.ies; downlight/wallwasher

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