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Stacklite CZR OBM

Functionsurface & pendant wallwasher

standard LED

ManufacturerCitizen COB

Net Weight4 lbs


  • Uniform ceiling-to-floor wallwasher, with widest distribution.
  • Powered by Citizen's chip-on-board linear LED arrays.
  • Recommended spacing criterion is 1.3. Permits spacing up to 4' for 12' walls. Wider distribution means fewer fixtures to purchase and install.
  • Deeply positioned LEDs, a polarizing diffuser, and a matte black interior finish ensure visually comfortable, glare-less apertures.
  • Vertical range internally adjusted by a total of 50°. Internal protractor marks guide horizontal adjustments.
  • Learn more about the luminaire's features and benefits.

Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Spec Sheets

Specification Sheet
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  • Driver recessed into ceiling.
  • Designed for mounting on a 411/16” square by 21/8” deep outlet box (by others). 
Specification Sheet
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Application Notes

  • Luminaire is designed for mounting on a 4” octagonal outlet box (by others). Fixture is CSA listed for mounting on Edison Price Lighting 120-volt track or 277-volt track only. Not suitable for Damp Location.
  • Luminaire may be mounted to either a ceiling or wall, by mounting it to a standard 4" octagonal outlet box.


STKczr20h.ies; STKczr20h.ies

Additional Options

  • White rocker-type on/off switch recessed in driver case.
  • Black rocker-type on/off switch recessed in driver case.



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details.

  • Extended stem lengths available.            
  • Custom color matching available.
  • Driver box size may be adjusted, contact us.
  • Remote driver. Contact us.




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