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Stainless steel laser cut outs, aluminum hand-spun cylinders, milled shavings, copper circuits -- these are the materials leftover from the manufacturing process. These too are the starting point, even the inspiration for reVISION.

reVISION features New York City-based artists who have worked with materials collected from Edison Price Lighting's Long Island City factory.  The artists explored the factory to meet the craftspeople who first cut, bent, spun, burnished, and painted these raw metals to create architectural lighting fixtures. Each artist left the factory with surplus materials to create art of their own.

reVISION began as an exploration of the inherent and created connections between manufacturing and art. Yet after multiple visits by the artists, it evolved into something greater. reVISION itself is  a point of connection--and in some cases, of collaboration--between people. The artists and the factory craftspeople recognized each other's respect for and mastery of the materials. 


Featured Artists 


Photos of the Process

Below are examples of the works in progress, soon to be exhibited at reVISIONed.


The surplus materials

By Barbara Lubliner. Weaving created with copper circuits. EPL normally inserts material into track systems (watch a demonstration).

By Daniel Sinclair. Sculpture hanging in artist's studio, created from steel shavings. EPL creates shavings when spinning parts by hand (watch a demonstration).

By Sina Basila. Sina is wearing a necklace created from copper circuits, and is being photographed in EPL's paint department, where EPL normally hand paints track and fixtures (watch a demonstration).

By Jane Dell. Painting incorporates laser cut aluminum, created by EPL's laser cutting machine. EPL employee set aside surplus laser cut sheets for the artist's to use (see a photo). 

Sculpture using interlocking track pieces, by Francis Milloy (see video below).