What's New

Artima/3, 3900lm LED

3900 lumens from a 3.62" diameter: such an impressive feat is possible with the new Artima/3. These popular track and outlet box-mounted accent lights, narrow spotlights, and wallwashers boast across-the-board improvements in lumens, efficacies, and CBCP.

  Illuminate with maximum efficacy from ceilings up to 20' high

  • Artima/3 O LH accent light achieves efficacy up to 79 lumens per watt.

Illuminate with maximum glare control from ceilings up to 20' high

  • Artima/3 O accent light includes a keyed cross-baffle that remains oriented with the lens during focusing.

Spotlight with up to 24,660 CBCP

  • Artima/3 NSP narrow spot light includes a ring baffle to eliminate light spill. 
  • Artima/3 NSP LH narrow spot features an open aperture for efficacy. See spec sheets listed here.

Wallwash 15' walls with 21 average vertical footcandles.

  • Artima/3 W wallwasher delivers ceiling-to-floor illumination, without scallops.


Design within the entire Artima family for the most comprehensive appearance and performance.

  • Artima/2, 2000 lm from the source (below left)
  • Artima/5, 7200 lm from the source, and up to 149,800 CBCP (below right)