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7200 lumens for your highest ceilings

Illuminate multistory spaces — without limitations. Available in up to 7200 lumens from the source, the track and surface mounted Artima/5 help you​ hit the mark, even from high ceilings.

Left to right: Artima/5 O accent light, Artima/5 O LH accent light, Artima/5 NSP 9º spot, Artima/5 VNSP 5º spot, Artima/5 wallwasher

The comprehensive Artima/5 family empowers you to:

  1. illuminate from 30’ (or higher) with maximum efficacy
    Artima LED/5 O LH, with a 15° internal reflector and an open aperture,  with an efficacy up to 95 lumens per watt. Interchangeable 21° and 38° reflectors also available.

  2. illuminate from 30’ with glare control 
    Artima LED/5 O, with a 15° internal reflector and  cross-baffle for visual comfort.  Interchangeable 21° and 38° reflectors also available.

  3. 5° VERY narrow spot
    Artima/5 VNSP achieves 114,900 CBCP at 80 CRI, and 86,175 CBCP at 98 CRI.

  4. 9° narrow spot punch
    Artima/5 NSP achieves 81,972 CBCP at 80 CRI, and 63,118 CBCP at 97 CRI.

  5. wallwash a two-story wall
    Artima LED/5 W uniformly washes an 18’ wall, with an average of 29 vertical footcandles.

  6. individual fixture dimming 
    Our full line of Artima LED/5s with integral dimmers eliminate the need for light reduction screens, greatly reducing ‘ladder time”.

  7. dim fixtures on 277-volt track
    It’s simple: just specify Highline 277-volt track and IDM Artima LED/5s; their integral dimmers can handle 277-volt as well as 120-volt operation. 

Power, focus, dimming are yours with our​ upgraded​ Artima/5s.