What's New

For the HIGHEST ceilings: Artima LED/5

At greater heights and greater focus, the newly upgraded Artima LED/5 luminaires solve high ceiling spaces. Now powered by the latest Citizen COB LEDs, this comprehensive line of track and surface-mounted luminaires delivers up to:

  • 5300 lumens from the source at 97 CRI, and

  • 7000 lumens from the source at 80 CRI.

The Artima LED/5s give you the power to...

  • illuminate up to 30' away with Artima LED/5 O object light, featuring a cross-baffle for visual comfort. Interchangeable reflectors deliver 15° spot, 21° narrow flood, and 38° flood beam spreads. Luminare attains efficacies up to 84 lumens/watt.

  • illuminate up to 40' away with Artima LED/5 O LH object light, achieving efficacies up to 87 lumens/watt from a specialty designed open aperture, with the same beamspreads as above. A removable lens holder assembly is included.

  • spot light with 80,000+ CBCP! The 9° Artima LED/5 NSP narrow spot light is equipped with a ring baffle to eliminate glare and light spill. 

  • wash multi-story walls with Artima LED/5 W. The precise reflector and 40° x 70° spread lens helps evenly fill a 18' high wall with an average of 26 vertical footcandles.

Lobbies, atriums, theaters, loft galleries, and other multi-story spaces can be entirely illuminated with the comprehensive Artima LED/5 line. Designing within one line guarantees the cohesive aesthetics and consistent performance that such high-impact interiors deserve.