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Color Tunable MidiMax Mood Master

Track and outlet-box-mounted MidiMax Mood Master conceal impressive tricks in their handsome housings. The unique combination of color tuning and elegance is especially useful for:

  • multi-purpose spaces, to instantly change from 'business appropriate' to party ready!
  • retail stores, to highlight products with pops of color.
  • museums and galleries, to tailor the exhibition lighting down to the decimal, without getting on a ladder.


On the inside, MidiMax Mood Master accent lights and wallwashers are powered by the Bluetooth-enabled Lumenetix araya LED. 

  • 5-color LED provides a full spectrum of light.
  • on-board thermistor monitors the LED temperature, and calibrates the current accordingly.
  • on-board photo diode measures and adjusts each LED color.
  • LED is rigorously tested to be properly characterized and sorted. Learn more about the Lumenetix araya LED.  

Tune the LED by the following parameters:

  • correlated color temperature (CCT) of white light, from the color of candlelight (1650K) to mid-afternoon sun (8000K), in increments of 1K. 
    • Control the CCT via an independent wire and wall switch. 
  • ​dimming to 1% 
    • Optional dim-to-warm dimming, from 1800K to 3000K.
    • Control the intensity via an independent wire and wall switch.
  • hue: any option in the color space
  • saturation: gradients of any color, from 1-100% in increments of 1% 


  • wall switches. Control unlimited luminaires by two independent wall switches: one to control the intensity and one to control the white light CCT.
  • wireless app. Commission up to 8 luminaires by Lumenetix's araya Tunable Color iOS app. Learn more by viewing the guide, available on Lumenetix's website. Click here, scroll to the araya Tunable Color iOS app section, the select a document under Downloads.
  • DALI and DMX control compatibility may be available. Contact us for compatibility.


From the outside, MidiMax Mood Master are inconspicuous, unlike clunky color tuning theatrical lights.

  • Our signature housing lacks joints or seams, and instead blends into the ceiling when mounted on our 120v or 277v track, or an outlet box.
  • ​Our signature reflectors eliminate glare, while expertly distributing the beams for accent lighting or wallwashing.


For fast and affordable wireless color tuning, consider our PAR 38 track and surface-mounted luminaires, which are compatible with the Ketra S38 retrofit LED lamp.