What's New

App-controlled Color Tuning

Our new track and outlet-box-mounted MidiMax CTM Bluetooths have a few tricks up their very dapper sleeves.

On the inside, MidiMax CTM Bluetooth accent lights and wallwashers are powered by the Bluetooth-enabled Lumenetix araya LED module.  Use the iOS app to control the following parameters, and save them into 'scenes' for future use: 

  • correlated color temperature (CCT): from the color of candlelight (1650K) to mid-afternoon sun (8000K), in increments of 1K
  • hue: any option in the color space
  • saturation: gradients of any color, from 1-100% in increments of 1% 
  • on/off
  • ​dimming to 1% — no need to worry about dimming compatibility! Click here to learn more about the benefits of wireless dimming.

From the outside, MidiMax CTM Bluetooths are inconspicuous, unlike clunky color tuning theatrical lights.

  • Our signature housing lacks joints or seams, and instead blends into the ceiling when mounted on our 120v or 277v track, our an outlet box.
  • ​Our signature reflectors eliminate glare, while expertly distributing the beams for accent lighting or wallwashing.

The unique combination of color tuning + elegance is especially useful for:

  • multi-purpose spaces, to instantly change from 'business appropriate' to party ready!
  • retail stores, to highlight products with pops of color.
  • museums and galleries, to tailor the exhibition lighting down to the decimal, without getting on a ladder.