What's New

IC-rated with optical precision

Edison Price Lighting's comprehensive IC-rated line, the EPIC, meets all the critical requirements: 1) direct contact with insulation, 2) certified airtight, 3) for a fire rated ceiling, and 4) suitable for CCEA Chicago Plenum

EPIC THREE, FOUR, and FIVE aim even higher with the best optics available. EPICs illuminate with up to 98 CRI and a color consistency within a 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse.  

EPICs are ideal for residences:

  • long-lifetimes, which help avoid renovations. 
    • From sourcing Pennsylvania aluminum to hand-polishing reflector plates, our American factory always prioritizes quality materials and construction.

    • Our luminaires are easily serviceable, so that the beamspreads or even LED modules can be changed on-site.

  • comfortable, 'dark' apertures, which create the quiet ceiling desired by homeowners.
    • EPICs dim as low as 0.1% 

    • EPIC's reflectors shaped and anodized to maximize shielding angles. 

  • perfectly smooth ceilings. Our optional Trim Flush flange detail leaves no seam in sheetrock ceilings.
  • tailored aesthetics. Our reflectors are available in a variety of finishes, to coordinate with any interior style.

With the highest color rendering and color consistency available, EPIC THREE, FOUR, and FIVE ensure consistent aesthetics and performance to every room of the house.