What's New

IC-rated, for residences

Edison Price Lighting's comprehensive IC-rated line, the EPIC, meets all the critical requirements: 1) direct contact with insulation, 2) certified airtight, 3) for a fire rated ceiling, and 4) suitable for CCEA Chicago Plenum

Our Xicato-powered EPICs aim even higher with up to 1600 lumens from the source, up to 98 CRI, and a color consistency within a 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse.  

  • 3" aperture EPIC THREE and 4" aperture EPIC FOUR downlight with a 40° shielding angle.

  • 3" aperture EPIC THREE and 4" aperture EPIC FOUR accent light with lockable focus.

  • 3" aperture EPIC THREE  and 4" aperture EPIC FOUR 10° spot light without light spill.

  • 3" aperture EPIC THREE and 4" aperture EPIC FOUR wallwasher with a 40° x 70° spread lens.

  • 4" aperture EPIC FOUR shower light with same performance as the downlight, and rated for wet locations.

EPICs are ideal for residences:

  • long-lifetimes, which help avoid renovations. 
    • From sourcing Pennsylvania aluminum to hand-polishing reflector plates, our American factory always prioritizes quality materials and construction.

    • All our luminaires are easily serviceable, so that the beamspreads or even LED modules can be changed on-site.

  • comfortable, 'dark' apertures, which create the quiet ceiling desired by homeowners.
    • EPICs dim to 0.1% with eldoLED drivers. Five additional dimming choices are also available.

    • EPIC's reflectors shaped and anodized to maximize shielding angles
  • perfectly smooth ceilings. Our optional Trim Flush flange detail leaves no seam in sheetrock ceilings.
  • tailored aesthetics. Our reflectors are available in a variety of finishes, to coordinate with any interior style.

Available in 3" and 4" apertures, the EPICs ensure consistent aesthetics and performance to every room of the house.