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Illuminating the India Art Fair

In 2015, Edison Price Lighting's fixtures were installed in numerous museums and galleries aboard, including the Museo de Arte in Puerto Rico, and the Musée des beaux-arts and the National Gallery in Canada. The new year began with yet another international installation -- this time in New Delhi, at the India Art Fair (January 28 - 31st, 2016).


Around 70 galleries from around the world exhibit at this prestiguous fair, including the Swaraj Art Archive. The Swaraj collection consists of rare pre- and post- independence Indian paintings and British Indian prints. Selected pieces from the collection were shown as the exhibit, "Company School: Indo-British paintings in colonial India."


Edison Price Lighting sponsored this exhibition with our newest track lighting fixtures, including our Stacklite wallwasher, Mini Wand MR16 object light and wallwashers, and color-tuning MidiMax LMTs object lights.


We are highly experienced in international projects, thanks to our worldwide network of representatives (including BDCL Lighting + Illumination Technologies in Delhi) and manufacturing partners. These connections, plus our decades of experience, enable us to understand local codes, communicate quickly, manufacture in the USA or abroad, and maintain low costs. Learn more about our international capabilities.


See photos from the exhibition.