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Insulation-contact, Airtight is EPIC

Edison Price Lighting's Insulation-Contact Airtight fixtures are EPIC. They are rated for Insulation Contact zero clearance by CSA or the Underwriters Laboratories, and are certified airtight by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

EPICs match the performance of our standard recessed luminaires, offering

  • visually comfortable downlighting from low brightness apertures,
  • fully adjustable accent lighting with lockable focus,
  • narrow 10° spot lighting without light spill,
  • smooth ceiling to floor wallwashing with keyed lenses, and
  • interchangeable combination downlight/wallwashing for hallways and corners.

EPICs are especially helpful in: 

  • confidential spaces that must be soundproofed, like law offices and executive conference rooms.

  • residences, which often require an IC rating.