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Internet of Things CEU Course

The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) isn't just a distant buzzword...it's already here. Our new track and surface-mounted Bluetooth luminaires can listen, talk, and think. But such unprecedented capabilities raise challenging questions:

  • Which network standards are ideal for IoT?
  • What can IoT-capable LEDs do?
  • Where will IoT-capable LEDs be useful?

Clear answers are provided in Edison Price Lighting's new continuing education course: 'LED as IoT'. The course awards 1 AIA LU and 1 NCQLP credit. The engaging, relevant course details:

  • pros & cons of specific mesh networks,
  • installation steps,
  • summary of microprocessor functions,
  • practical applications of beacon technology.

IoT spells an exciting new chapter in lighting. The luminaires have arrived, and the next step is to learn their potential. Become an IoT expert and earn 1 AIA or NCQLP credit with Edison Price Lighting.


Learn 'LED as IoT'

'LED as IoT' can be presented at your convenience in one of 3 ways: at your office, online, or at our Light in Action seminar. Contact us for details.