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Stacklite CZR wallwasher

The Stacklite wallwasher has been a favorite of museums and galleries for over 40 years. Now is the time to join them, because Edison Price Lighting has released the LED-powered Stacklite CZR. Unique features include:


Wide, uniform distribution

Powered by Citizen's chip-on-board linear LED arrays, the Stacklite CZR permits spacing up to 4' for 12' walls. Wider distribution means fewer fixtures to purchase and install.


Glare control

Visual comfort is ensured by deeply-regressed LEDs, a polarizing diffuser, and a glare-absorbing matte black interior finish.


Adjustability, without a yoke

Adjust the Stacklite CZR's vertical range internally by a total of 50°. Because the fixture's housing remains fixed regardless of this adjustment, multiple Stacklites always appear identical. The result is a quieter ceiling.


Adjustability, precise and replicable

Adjust a row of Stacklite CZRs to the same angle: set the first using our internal protractor marks, and mimic the setting throughout.


Made in USA

Our products are designed and fabricated in New York City, using local, high-quality materials. By keeping our production in-house, we ensure quality control and fast delivery.


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