What's New

LH is increased efficiency

When faced with a strict energy budget, consider the LHs, our family of energy-efficient open aperture accent lights.

The LH differs from its cross-baffled counterpart by offering:

  • glare-minimizing black-painted aperture
  • lens holders for up to 2 optical accessories (hence the name, O LH: Object Lens Holder) 
  • a complimentary beam smoother

By blocking less light, the O LHs achieve amazing efficiencies:

  • MiniMax O LH and Artima/3 O LH track and surface-mounted fixtures are 50% more efficient than their cross-baffled versions.
  • MidiMax O LH track and surface-mounted fixtures are 35% more efficient.
  • Maxima LED O LH track and surface-mounted fixtures are 15% more efficient.


Like all our track luminaires, the LH family is available as surface-mounted fixtures.

To see the latest performance data, consult the LH spec sheets.