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APlus Presto + Prestina

APlus is our comprehensive family of combination downlight/wallwashers, with models standard recessed, IC-rated, and surface-mounted installations. 

Like the entire APlus line, the APlus Presto and Prestinas are designed with interchangeable reflectors . Swap these reflectors onsite, without tools. Reflectors are available for:

  • downlighting (low brightness, wide distribution with a 0.90 spacing ratio)

  • combination downlighting + standard 120 degree wallwashing

  • combination downlighting + corner wallwashing

  • combination downlighting + double wallwashing (for hallways)


APlus Presto and Prestina models bring the same clever downlight/wallwashing to inaccessible or existing ceilings.

To offer the most tailored illumination, these install-from-below fixtures offer two choices: 

  1. Choice of installation style

    1. Presto, with an under-lapping frame. Installation requires only 1 screwdriver, 2 brackets, and about 1 minute.

    2. Prestina, with a flush trim designed for seamless installation in sheetrock ceilings.

  2. Choice of dimming color temperature:

    • WhiteLight, diffuse dome LED by Cree

    • Sunset,  diffuse dome LED by Cree offering dim-to-warm dimming, from 2700K to 1800K