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Bestseller upgrade with QUICK SHIP

You no longer need to sacrifice quality lighting for the sake of a deadline. Instead, achieve superior optics, 'Made in USA' durability, competitive pricing – and now, Quick Shipping. The new 4" and 5" aperture LED FTD DL 7DAY downlights do it all.

The LED FTD DL is already a bestseller, thanks to a 40° shielding angle, low brightness aperture, integral plastic shield, and more. Now the LED FTD DL 7DAY is upgraded with the new Philips Fortimo LED module, offering:

  • 90+ CRI

  • dimming to 1% with a 0-10 volt dimmer

  • 1100, 1500, or 2000 lumens

  • 3000K or 3500K

This multitasking workhorse is also a racehorse. The name says it all: the LED FTD DL 7DAY housings ship in just 7 days on order of 50 or fewer fixtures. For larger orders, contact the Sales Service department.

A project with only days to finish construction still has years of use ahead. Keep the lighting high quality and long lasting with the Quick Ship  LED FTD DL 7DAY.