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4° super narrow spot

Perfectly spotlight with a rare 4º beam -- from an LED! Our recessed, track mounted, and surface-mounted fixtures are compatible with a Philips or Soraa retrofit AR111 LED lamps, delivering a super narrow 4° spot, as well as a  8°, 9°, or 25° beam.

Compared to luminaires powered by integral LEDs, these fixtures are faster to ship and more affordable. Like all Edison Price Lighting products, 'Made in USA' durability and easy serviceability extend performance lifetime, making these fixtures an even smarter investment.



Darklite ARE

  • 4°, 8°, or 9° beam from the Soraa AR111 LED lamp, up to 18.5 watts
  • 8°, 15°, or 25° beam from the Philips AR111/LED lamp, up to 20 watts
  • 5" or 6" apertures
  • lockable aiming. Spotlight at almost any angle, with 358º horizontal rotation and a choice of 0º (downlight) to 35º angular adjustments.
  • easy maintenance: Access the LED retrofit lamp, junction box, and transformer through the aperture.
  • quiet apertures from our glareless reflectors. For seamless installation, add the Trim Flush Ring.
  • optical accessories by Edison Price Lighting, including lenses, color filters, and screens.
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Track mounted

  • 4° beam from the 6 watt Soraa AR111 LED lamp
  • 8° beam from the 12.5 watt Soraa AR111 LED lamp
  • 9° beam from the 18.5 watt Soraa AR111 LED lamp
  • lockable aiming. Spotlight at almost any angle, with 358º horizontal rotation and 0º to 90° tilt.
  • optical accessories by Edison Price Lighting or by Soraa Snap System.

Artima SRA AR111


MidiMax ARE



  • Hides unattractive hardware above the ceiling.
  • For mounting on a 4” octagonal mounting box.
  • Offering the same features and benefits of the track-mounted fixtures (above).

 Artima SRA AR111-OBMX