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Smart Dimming Saves Money, Time, Stress

Save your energy budget, schedule, and sanity with our luminaires programmed to dim wirelessly:  

Our wireless dimmable luminaires SAVE MONEY because they...

  • are a better investment, because a few dollars premium for wireless dimming is more affordable than tens of thousands of dollars for a wired dimming system.
  • include a driver integral to the LED module. Because EPL does not purchase a separate driver, we pass those savings on to our customers.
  • slash installation costs -- avoid congested wires, expensive dimming systems, and prima donna programmers.

Our wireless dimmable luminaires SAVE TIME because they entail...

  • no triple checking driver/dimming compatibility.
  • no production delays waiting for back-ordered drivers.
  • no dimming system manual to master. The control apps are user-friendly.

Our wireless dimmable luminaires SAVE STRESS because they...

  • simplify specifications by eliminating the chance of dimming incompatibilities.
  • dim from almost anywhere: while standing directly underneath, while standing off stage, or from up to 150 feet away.
  • integrate with building automation. Luminaires featuring a Zigbee adapter can be incorporated into the 'Internet of Things' Zigbee network, popular with homeowners and large commercial buildings.

Additional wireless features are available, including color tuning, dim-to-warm dimming, beacon communication, usage reporting, pan, tilt, zoom, and more.

Now's the time: untangle yourself from hard-wired hassles with our wireless dimmable luminaires.