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Light the future with beacons

Unprecedented control is yours with our newest luminaires, a smartphone app or USB, and our standard SightLine track.

The Bluetooth series -- available with MiniMax,  MidiMax, Artima/3, Artima/5 VNSP models -- offer: 

  • Beacon technology is embedded into the luminaires. When a visitor walks through the beacon's signal, their phone or tablet receives a push notification. The beacon's radius and notification message can be wirelessly edited by the owner. The set-up is easy and the applications are endless:

    • Museums can notify visitors about the artwork they are viewing,
    • Retail stores can send promotions specific to each product display.
    • Event spaces can forward check-in details upon entry.
    • Any and everywhere can send navigation details to guide visitors.
  • Wireless control system. Use your tablet or computer to:

    • group luminaires into saveable 'scenes.'
    • pre-schedule scenes based on time of day. 
    • program light levels and dimming in response to switches, motion sensors, and light-level sensors. 
  • Operational reports. Collect, diagnose, and report real-time operational data, and submit reports for energy rebates.

  • Dimming to 0.1%. Use the app to connect luminaires withsensors, to individually dim luminaires,  and to group them into saveable scenes. Learn more about the benefits of wireless dimming. 

These features are controllable by either Xicato's iOS app, downloaded on your Apple phone or tablet, or by a Windows computer using a USB. Click here to learn more.

The Bluetooth's innovations build upon features we've perfected since 1952:

  • Precise illumination: powerful accent lighting, tight spot lighting, and uniform wallwashing.
  • Visually comfortable apertures that eliminate glare.
  • Elegant design, including a 33% shorter track-mounted driver box than used for previous models. 
  • Durable construction, by our New York City factory using regionally-sourced raw materials. 


MiniMax Bluetooth 

Up to 1300 lumens and 98 CRI
Powered by Xicato's XIM LED.
Listed on the  Illuminating Engineering Society's Progress Report.

MidiMax Bluetooth

Up to 1300 lumens and 98 CRI
Powered by Xicato's XIM LED.



Up to 2000 lumens and 98 CRI
Powered by Xicato's XIM LED.
Listed on the  Illuminating Engineering Society's Progress Report.



Up to 2700 lumens and 98 CRI
Powered by Citizen LED, equipped with Xicato's intelligent driver.