About Edison Price Lighting


Edison Price Lighting has designed and manufactured high-quality architectural lighting solutions since 1952. We design lighting to honor the architecture, prioritize the subject, and direct human experience.

Located in Long Island City, NYC, Edison Price Lighting is proudly 'Made in USA'. Our 60,000-square-foot facility includes our office, full-scale factory, testing lab, and the Edison Price Lighting Gallery.  

Our company is sized to be both reliable and flexible. We are large enough to operate a fully-equipped metal-working factory, yet small enough to communicate quickly, work efficiently, cross-train our employees, and modify products.




We are the only specification-grade architectural lighting company to offer a complete lines of recessed- and track-mounted luminaires. Our extensive catalog also includes track lighting systems, wall grazing systems, and optical accessories. Each product line offers a variety of:

  • mounting styles: track, recessed, install-from-below, surface- mounted, and more.
  • functions: downlights, wallwashers, wallgrazers, object lights, spotlights, combination downlight/wallwashers, and more.

Our lighting systems are known for low brightness apertures, long lifetimes, and seamless elegance.



Our installations span a variety of industries, interior design styles, and locations. We have lit over 450 museums and galleries, as well as offices, residences, academic buildings, and more. Our lighting systems can be modified for installation in challenging interiors. 

We are represented in North America by over 70 manufacturer's representatives, and have direct relationships with intnernational manufacturing partners for projects abroad.




Our R&D department overcomes common lighting challenges with the latest technologies.  We are not married to one LED manufacturer, but maintain the freedom to select the best LED module for the application. We maintain the same design ethos as our founder, Edison Price, who aspired to “Functional, efficient, original no-nonsense design.



New designs undergo an extensive prototyping and testing process, which includes: initial prototyping on 3D printer, final prototyping built in our in-house factory, and heat and photometric testing conducted in-house. The fixtures are then tested by the independent labs, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or CSA.



As a "Made in USA" certified company, we fabricate products on a per-order-basis, enabling flexible shipments according to each project's needs.

Using locally-sourced materials whenever possible, we manufacture many of our parts down to the smallest bolt, maximizing our control over product availability.

Once an order is released, our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system automatically schedules production, tracks inventory, and assigns tasks to our computer numerical control (CNC) machines. 



Our in-house factory is equipped with the latest punch press, laser, milling, forming, and other advanced machinery to cut, wash, bend, and assemble the products.

Our manufacturing team is cross-trained to flexibly change roles, depending on the project's needs. We specialize in skill-driven techniques, including hand-wiring, spinning, die making, and painting.