Optical Accessories

Fine tune lighting flexibly and affordably with our optical accessories, perfected and made in the USA for over fifty years.

Insert up to two optical accessories into one of the hundreds of compatible luminaires. The 136 possible optical accessory combinations overcome common lighting challenges, explained below.


Quick Change Cartridge

Quick Change Cartridge (QCC) helps you insert optical accessories quickly, smoothly, and safely, with just one hand. Watch the demonstration below.



Optical Accessories 

CHALLENGE: Light distribution is too narrow


  • Spread lenses stretch a beam in both directions to cover an expanse of wall. No tunable luminaire can manipulate the beam with such precision.

  • 30°, 55° and 70° spread lenses extend a lamp’s beam along one axis, allowing you to highlight wider areas from a single fixture.

  •  40° x 70° spread lens is our unique wallwashing solution. The lens extends a beam in two directions for a floor-to-ceiling wash of light. 

  • Available in diffuse (frosted), prismatic, and Daylight Blue.

CHALLENGE: Beamspread is too defined


  • Diffusers deliver unparalleled uniformity by scattering light with varying intensities. 

  • Beam Smoothers: lightly stippled to gently diffuse light.

  • Prismatic lens (Solite): patterned to appreciably diffuse the light.
  • Diffuse lens: frosted to substantially diffuse the light. 

CHALLENGE:  Luminaire cannot be individually dimmed


  • 33%, 50%, or hex cell louver reduction screens reduce light output without affecting color or distribution.

  • Avoids expensive and potentially incompatible dimming systems 

CHALLENGE:  Need for enhancing daylight, skin tones, or visual interest.


  • Daylight Blue color filter creates an effect comparable with daylight – developed for museums, but just as useful in daylit commercial or residential spaces. Also available as a spread lens.

  • Surprise Pink color filter makes people look radiantly healthy – a great addition to restaurants, clubs and hotels.

  • Amber, blue, green and red color filters offer an extra 'pop'!

  • Stippled to eliminate any chance of spots or sprinkles.



To accessorize recessed 4" aperture downlights and accent lights, consider our LightCharms.


Please check the specification sheet for compatible optical accessories.