Beacon technology is ideal for spaces seeking to instantly communicate with its visitors. Beacons send tailored push notifications to devices within a designated range. 

Luminaires with embedded Eddyston beacon, iBeacon beacon, or Alt beacons offer an inconspicious alternative to clunky beacons glued to the wall.

To operate, simply install the beacon-embedded luminaires into our SightLine track, download the XIM Control Panel software, and follow the next steps:

1. Program the luminaire to promote specific websites. For example:

  • a museum can assign a website with artwork details to the luminaire illuminating the art. For example, when walking into the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (left), you may receive a push notification sharing details of a painting by Gauguin.

  • a retail store can assign a website with promotions to the luminaire illuminating that product display.

  • an events center can assign a website with check-in details to the luminaire illuminating the entrance.

  • a hospital can assign a website with a "You are here" map to the nearest luminaire.

2. Remotely adjust the radius of the luminaire's signal, up to 1,300 feet. 

3. Automatically send a push notification to visitors who walk through the beacon's signal!

  • Notifications are sent to Bluetooth-enabled phones or tablet with the PhysWeb iPhone or Android app.

  • Notifications will share the assigned website only within the designated radius.

Edison Price Lighting's beacon-embedded luminaires are powered by Xicato's XIM LED module or Xicato's Intelligent Driver. In addition beacon technology, these luminaires offer additional controls. Learn more about their benefits.



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