Color Tuning

Wireless color tuning is ideal for spaces with regularly changing lighting programs. Tunable color is especially useful for...

  • changing functions. For example, an office seeks white light for their daytime meetings, but saturated color for their nighttime events.
  • changing layouts. A gallery seeks different color tempeartures in response to each piece of art.
  • changing times of day. A restaurant seeks cool light for lunch meetings, but warm light for candlelit dinners.

Using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, spaces such as these can instantly adapt to changing needs.

  • Tune hue, saturation, or correlated color temperature (CCT) within white light. 
  • Adjust settings in exact increments guarantees precision and consistency.
  • Wirelessly dim and power on/off.
  • Group luminaires into saveable 'scenes' for future use.




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