Our Factory

Since 1952

We manufacture everything in-house

Since 1952, Edison Price Lighting has proudly operated a full-scale factory in New York City. Far more than an assembly operation, it is a complete metal-working shop. We fabricate nearly all our parts -- down to the nuts and bolts -- in-house, guaranteeing quality control, fast turnaround times, and the detailed-oriented skills needed for modifcations


Our process

We source locally

Whenever possible, our operations source local materials, including copper conductors from Pennsylvania, aluminum castings from New Jersey, and paint from Massachusetts. See a map of our suppliers.


We begin with raw metals

We source aluminum, steel, and copper in as heavy a gauge as possible for the weight allowed. Durable materials ensure fixtures won't bend or warp over time. 


We craft with our hands

We are trained in handiwork techniques, including die-making, spinning, machine operation, wiring, and painting. These skills are not outsourced overseas, but kept in-house to ensure the highest quality construction. 


We craft with computerized machinery

To complement our handicrafted work, we also ensure speed, precision, and consistency with our advanced CNC machinery, including laser cutters, punch presses, and milling machines.


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