Our Factory

Since 1952, Edison Price Lighting has proudly operated a full-scale factory in New York City. Far more than an assembly operation, it is a complete metal-working shop. We fabricate nearly all our parts -- down to the nuts and bolts -- in-house, guaranteeing quality control, fast turnaround times, and the detailed-oriented skills needed for modifcations

Edison Price Lighting begins with raw metals, like aluminum, steel, and copper. We source the heaviest gauge possible for the weight allowed. Durable materials ensure fixtures won't bend or warp over time. Scroll through the photos below.

Edison Price Lighting combines computerized machinery with handcrafted techniques.

  • We ensure speed, precision, and consistency with our laser cutters, punch presses, milling machines, forming machines, progressive dies and more, all packed within our New York City factory!

  • Our highly-skilled workforce are trained in multiple techniques, including die-making, spinning, machine operation, wiring, painting, and more. Employees flexibly move throughout the factory, depending on the project's needs.

Manufacturing, R&D, Customer Service -- all in one building. Our engineers only need to walk downstairs to check prototypes, our factory employees walk upstairs to confirm designs.






Whenever possible, our operations source local materials, including copper conductors from Pennsylvania, aluminum castings from New Jersey, and paint from Massachusetts.

Sourcing locally reduces shipping distances, thus minimizing turnaround times and environmental impact. 


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Long lasting

We design and built our products to last for decades. Their seamless design and durable materials minimize the chance of warping or breakage. Additionally, all our parts are serviceable and replaceable, further extending our product's lifetime.

Our long-lasting products help the environment by delaying disposal in a landfill, and the construction and shipment of new products.


No toxic materials

We never use toxic materials or hazardous compounds in our manufacturing process. Instead we opt for non-polluting water-based paints and water-soluble solvents.

All of our purchased product components, such as LED modules, ballasts, and drivers, meet the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. Compliance with RoHS ensures the reduction of toxic materials (lead, cadmium, mercury, Hex-Cr, PBB, PBDE) to universally-acceptable safe levels.


Water-based paint

We paint our products in-house using only water-based, low-VOC paint. Unlike hazardous solvent-based paint, our paint does not release noxious fumes, which benefits air quality and our employee’s health. Because our paint is nonpolluting, we clean and recycle our used paint containers, thus eliminating water and soil pollution, and reducing landfill waste.


Material waste reduction

Before we cut parts out of the raw material, our programmable software strategically arranges the parts onto the raw material. By “nesting” the parts in the smallest area possible, we maximize the material's usage. As a result, we minimize resource consumption and waste.


Responsible recycling

We recycle or resell any excess metals generated by our operations. On average, these metals total 475 pounds per week. 

We re-purpose our supplier’s pallets, and recycle as much of our supplier’s packaging as possible.

All of our products are shipped in 25-50% post-consumer recycled packaging. Our cardboard, plastic wrapping, and wooden pallets are all recyclable.