LUXCAST™ (luks - kastiNG) [verb]: to transmit information through lighting.

Instant, adaptive wireless communication is no longer a Space Age fantasty—it's our reality. The future is now.

Before, we could broacast to visitors in limited ways. Signage, printed literature, and audiotour guides were our only options. But they permanent and difficult to update.

Then, we progressed to broadcasting through apps. But geo-specific information required beacons, which were often awkwardly stuck to wall.

Now, we are in a new chapter of communication. Edison Price Lighting luminaires can share your message by luxcasting. 


Luxcast your content ⁠— be it a sign, coupon, map, or more ⁠— straight from your Edison Price Lighting BLUETOOTH lighting fixtures. These fixtures offer instant, dynamic, inconspicuous communication.


The Technology

Edison Price Lighting BLUETOOTH luminaires are embedded with Eddyston beacon, iBeacon beacon, or Alt beacons.  offer an inconspicious alternative to clunky beacons glued to the wall.

To operate, simply install the beacon-embedded luminaires into our SightLine track, and download the XIM Control Panel software on your tablet or computer. Using the software, program the luminaire to promote specific websites, and remotely adjust the radius of the luminaire's signal, up to 1,300 feet. 

Once set, Edison Price Lighting BLUETOOTH luminaires automatically send push notifications to visitors passing through the beacon's signal.



The Impact


Consider the possibilities of luxcasting.

  • a museum can use a BLUETOOTH luminaire to luxcast artwork details, assigning different content for each piece.
  • a retail store can use a BLUETOOTH luminaire to luxcast product information and promotions, specific to the products illuminated.
  • an events center can use a BLUETOOTH luminaire to luxcast check-in details at the building's entrance.
  • a hospital can use a BLUETOOTH luminaire to luxcast a "You are here" map, tailored to the luminaire's location.
  • an office can use a BLUETOOTH luminaire to luxcast company news near waiting areas, like the lobby or elevator.
  • a government institution  can use a BLUETOOTH luminaire to luxcast sign translations at the exact location of the sign.

Luxcasting not only instantly communicates the message, but offers additional benefits:

  • permits instantaneous updates to your content.
  • eliminates clunky beacons stuck to a wall.
  • encourages visitors to download your app, and improves loyalty thereafter.

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