Wireless motorized control is ideal for those spaces with regularly changing lighting requirements, such as galleries, stores, and event spaces. The solution is SALIOT luminaires, which include wirelessly controllable internal motors.

Instead of stepping on a ladder or renting a genie lift, users can instead control the luminaire using only an app. From their phone, tablet, or laptop, users can:

  • rotate the beam a full 360°

  • tilt the beam from 0° straight down to 90°

  • dim the beam from 100% to 1%

  • power the luminiare on/off

  • focus the beam from 10° to 30° (SALIOT MS-V2 only).


SALIOT is available in two models:

  • SALIOT MS-V2 offers wireless beam changes, especially valuable for 15’ ceilings.
  • SALIOT MS-V4 offers a streamlined profile, especially valuable for lower ceilings.


Beam can be wirelessly  adjusted from 10º to 30º


SALIOT is designed by MinebeaMitsumi, for which Edison Price Lighting is the North American marketing partner. SALIOT luminaires are only available in North America when installed on Edison Price Lighting track.

For questions or to schedule a demonstration of motorized control, contact us