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  • For soothing Steam Rooms

    For soothing Steam Rooms

    With glare-free apertures and long lasting durability,  SteamRoom  luminaires delivers complete relaxation in steam rooms—both now and for years to come.   Comprehensive SteamRoom is available as a 4" aperture downlight, powered by a number of LED...

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  • Extended Stems

    Extended Stems

    Architectural details⁠ like a slatted ceiling, high ceiling, or low beam create stunning interiors—and lighting challenges. But an extended stem  drops the lighting low enough to clear the obstruction. It is the  simple, straightforward solution .  Thanks...

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  • What is Luxcasting?

    What is Luxcasting?

    Instant, adaptive wireless communication is no longer a Space Age fantasty—it's our reality. Before, we could broacast to visitors in limited ways, like signage, printed literature, and audiotour guides. Then, we progressed to broadcasting through apps. But geo-specific...

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    Comprehensive Brochure

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    Top 10 Best Sellers

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    Recessed Snapshot

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    Track Snapshot

  • Light in Action 2019

    Light in Action 2019

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    Track Fixtures and Systems

  • What is Luxcasting?

    What is Luxcasting?

  • APlus Downlight/Wallwasher

    APlus Downlight/Wallwasher

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    Houses of Worship

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    Gallery Guide

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    Look Book

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    Made in NYC

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    WELL Building Standard™

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