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  • High efficacy, high output Artima/3

    High efficacy, high output Artima/3

    The  Artima/3  family is a full suite of functions at full output.   Artima/3 features a  3.62" diameter, yet packs enough power to illuminate from ceilings  approximately 20' high.  Once installed,  Artima/3 's high efficacy,...

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  • IDM Bluetooth

    IDM Bluetooth

    Control fixtures beyond simply flicking a switch. Instead dim by tapping a screen or twisting a knob. T he IDM-Bluetooth combination offers easy control over one fixture or many.   First, meet the compatible wireless Bluetooth track and outlet box mounted...

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  • Atrium: High Output, High CRI

    Atrium: High Output, High CRI

    Our comprehensive  Atrium  family to brings  powerful, high CRI, adjustable illumination to atria, lobbies, and other high ceiling spaces. downlight , including narrow spotlight model accent light , 15°, 21°, or 38° beam narrow spotlight...

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    APlus Downlight/Wallwasher

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