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Accessory holder (PAR only)



Allows use of one or two of available Optical Accessories.

Application Notes

For use in following fixtures:

  • PAR 20 accent fixtures: Darklite 20/4AA, Darklite 20/5AA, EPIC 20/4AA, EPIC 20/5AA, Arclite 20/4AA, Arclite 20/5AA. Code: 20 OA HLDR
  • PAR 30  (short neck) accent fixtures: Darklite 30/5AA, Darklite 30/6AA, EPIC 30/5AA. Code: 30 OA HLDR
  • PAR 30 Metal Halide (long neck) accent fixtures: Arclite 30/5AA 39, Arclite 30/5AA 70, Arclite 30/6AA 39, Arclite 30/6AA 70. Code: 30MH OA HLDR
  • PAR 38 accent fixtures:  Darklite 38/45/5AA, Darklite 38/40/6AA, Darklite 38/45/6AA, Darklite 38/40/7AA, Darklite 38/45/7AA, Arclite 38/5AA 70, Arclite 38/5AA 100, Arclite 38/5AA 150, Arclite 38/6AA 70, Arclite 38/6AA 100, Arclite 38/6AA 150, Arclite 38/7AA 70, Arclite 38/7AA 100, Arclite 38/7AA 150. Code: 38 OA HLDR


Additional Options


Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details. 

  • Extended stem lengths available.            
  • Custom color matching available.