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Retrofit LED Kit

Functionrecessed - standard, recessed - install-from-below downlight, wallwasher, double wallwasher, corner wallwasher

standard LED


Apertureround 5, 6"


  • LED Retrofit Kit is comprised of Cree WhiteLight 90+CRI LED module, driver, assembly, and reflector.
  • Converts the following existing installed Edison Price Lighting fixtures:
  • After conversion, upgraded luminaire operates as APlus, powered by Cree WhiteLight LED module.
  • Interchangeable reflectors allow luminaire to be configured for one of four distributions:
    • downlighting
    • downlighting and 120° wallwashing
    • downlighting and double 120° wallwashing for hallways.
    • downlighting and 210° corner wallwashing, available for 5" and 6" aperture models.
  • Precisely designed reflector minimizes aperture brightness. Provides a shielding angle of 40°.
  • Contact us for specifications.

Spec Sheets

Retrofit LED Kit


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