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Functiontrack mounted accent light

tunable LED

Net Weight8.5 pounds


  • SALIOT MS-V5 is a mesh network-enabled motorized LED track luminaire with high lumen output.
  • Wirelessly controlled from as far as 60 feet by Bluetooth via a smart device with the SALIOT iOS or Android app.  App adjusts the following features:
    • focus the beam from ​9° to 34°

    • rotate the beam a full 360°

    • tilt the beam from 0° straight down to 90°
    • dim the beam from 100% to 1%. Learn more about the benefits.
    • power the luminiare on or off.
  • SALIOT MS-V5 is manufactured by MinebeaMitsumi and available in North America through Edison Price Lighting, for use on Edison Price Lighting 120-volt track.

  • SALIOT MS-V5 eliminates the need for additional filters, screens, or trips up the ladder. SALIOT MS-V5 is ideal for high ceiling spaces or the regularly changing lighting programs often required by museums, event venues, and retail stores.

  • As many as 100 SALIOT MS-V25 may be grouped together. SALIOT MS-V5 settings can be saved into 'scenes' for future use. 

  • Learn more about the luminaire's features and benefits.

  • Learn full product details, including operating instructions. 

Application Notes

  • Luminaire is UL and CUL listed for mounting on Edison Price Lighting 120-volt track. Edison Price Lighting track systems consist of a single aluminum extrusion, offering durability, longer spans, and an elegant appearance with a 3/4” wide opening.
  • SALIOT MS-V5 is covered by the MinebeaMitsumi warranty. EPL track adapter and EPL track systems are covered by EPL warranty.
  • Luminaire may be mounted to either a ceiling or wall, by mounting it to a standard 4" octagonal outlet box.


SLTMSV510.ies; 10° beam
SLTMSV520.ies; 20° beam
SLTMSV530.ies; 30° beam

Additional Options

  • White or black exterior finishes; interior surfaces are black.
  • Mounting on outlet-box, Eutrac, or Global track system also available. Contact us for more details.



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details.

  • Rectangular or custom shaped outlet box cover plate available.




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