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Darklite 38E

Functionrecessed - standard downlight

SourceIncandescent,  LED
wirelessly tunable LED,  retrofit LED

LEDFor retrofit PAR38 LED

Apertureround 5, 6, 7"

DepthDARKLITE/5: 10.1875", DARKLITE/5: 10.5625", DARKLITE/7: 11.0625"″

FootprintDARKLITE/5 and /6: 10" x 14", Darklite/7: 10" x 15"

Net WeightDARKLITE/5 and /6: 6 lbs, Darklite/7: 7 lbs


Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.


Application Notes

  • Fixture is listed for Damp Location.
  • Fixture is prewired with thermal protector, suitable for use in a fire rated ceiling, and approved for ten #12 wire 90°C branch circuit pull-through wiring. Removal of the housing from below allows access to the junction box.
  • Fixture is compatible with recommended retrofit LED lamps at the time of testing). For complete compatibility information, contact factory.

  • Retrofit LED lamps are easier to service and upgrade if desired after installation. Learn more about our retrofit LED lamp options.

  • Please note that wireless LED lamp range is variable based on site conditions. 

Additional Options

  • Plaster ring allows use of Trim Flush (-TF) reflector in sheetrock ceiling.
  • See external reflector color swatches; consult spec sheet for availability. 
  • Painted white (WF) overlap flange, or custom color (CCF) overlap flange on special order.

  • Specialty bars for wood joist and T-bar installations available.



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details.

  • CONC-: fixture suitable for poured-in-place concrete; add CONC- as prefix to Product Code.
  • EXP-: 100-watt `European-style´ install-from-below fixture; add EXP- as prefix to Product Code.
  • +2”CLG: fixture suitable for installation in 2” thick ceiling material; add +2”CLG to Product Code.
  • +TR: fixture prepared for top re-lamping; add +TR to Product Code.
  • +OA MT: fixture prepared to accept an Optical Accessory holder; add +OA MT to Product Code.
  • +DOD: fixture suitable for high humidity environments; add +DOD to Product Code.
  • +MAR: reflector suitable for marine environments; add +MAR to Product Code.






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