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Darklite 38E SM

Functionsurface & pendant downlight

SourceIncandescent,  LED
retrofit LED,  tunable LED

LEDFor retrofit PAR38 LED lamp


Net Weight6 lbs


  • Downlight.
  • Fixture has been checked for fit and initial operation with two PAR LED retrofit lamps, supplied by others:

  • The reflector is precisely designed to minimize aperture brightness, with a shielding angle of 40°.
  • Please note that this fixture may require a longer lead time; contact factory.
  • Learn more about the features and benefits. 

Our Made in USA factory uses handcrafted and computerized techniques to transform steel, aluminum, and other metals into durable luminaires.

Spec Sheets

Specification Sheet
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Darklite 38E PM

  • Pendant mounted
  • Pendants: 18” or 36" 

  • Pendant hardware: Outlet box cover kit, Canopy kit, or Swivel kit

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Application Notes

  • Installation requires 120-volt electrical service and a 4” octagonal outlet box (by others).
  • Fixture is compatible with recommended retrofit LED lamps at the time of testing (2018). For complete compatibility information, contact factory.
  • Retrofit LED lamps are easier to service and upgrade if desired after installation. Learn more about our retrofit LED lamp options.
  • Please note that wireless LED lamp range is variable based on site conditions. 

Additional Options

  • Accepts one or two Optical Accessories, including spread lenses, a beam smoother, a UV filter, color filters and light reduction screens. 



Contact factory for modification requests or additional technical details.

  • Pendant mounting available.

  • Extended stem lengths available.            

  • Custom color matching available.

  • Side wall bracket mounting available. 



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